Preparing for fasting

Happy New Year!

After making the decision to deactivate¬†FaceBook for a full year to tear myself away from social media, I realize it was a very good idea. It’s been a few days now and I don’t miss it at all. ¬†For the most part, nearly half of my friend list consisted of people I hadn’t spoken to in over 30 years! And even some of my family members! I know, crazy! The purpose of my taking a year off is to seek God and to pray for a clearer direction in my life. With my last child getting ready to graduate from high school in 2 years, I am not sure where I am heading. I have grown closer to God over the last few years and rededicated myself to Him, but I want to go deeper still.

So, here I am, and thinking about doing a 10 day fast. I have fasted in the past, but never more than 3 days long. I do remember one fast where I learned a valuable lesson: if you fast 3 days on water only, do not break your fast with Thai food!

I have been drinking water all day and going to eat light foods for the next day or so and then hopefully begin the actual fast on Tuesday.

In this blog I will record feelings and thoughts on this year’s journey seeking the Lord for answers. This will include excerpts from articles and devotions to which I currently subscribe and also posting photos that I take here at the beach. I hope to bless anyone reading this with hope and maybe a renewed interest in Christianity, Bible study, and drawing closer to God.